Nur Amirah Maintains Aircraft

Headline: Nur Amirah senggara pesawat
Media: Utusan Malaysia / Mega
Day / Date: 18 March
Page No: 21 – 23

Nur Amirah Maintains Aircraft

Being called a mechanic may not be every woman’s idea of a dream career. If any thing it is a male dominated career. However, this has not deterred Nur Amirah Shazana Mazran, 28, from getting involved in the aircraft maintenance field.

This aircraft avionics technician from Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE) is not bothered if she gets dirty on engine oil. Her on-the-job capability is obvious. After two years at SAE, she has proven that women can excel and persevere in the aviation industry in spite of the challenges.

SAE currently employs 555 staff of which 13% is women. Of the 13%. 5/6% works in the technical field and 7.4% in non-technical. SAE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus. It an EASA-approved MRO facility.

“The work environment at SAE is really good. There is no gender discrimination. We work on the same components and aircraft parts — male or female. The only thing is if a component is heavy lifting, we will request the help of our male colleagues but they only help us lift the said part. After that, we have to do the rest ourselves,” said Nur Amirah.

“We bear a heavy responsibility because aircraft safety is involved. We have to work with utmost care and precision. It can very tiring — physically and mentally but it is challenging. There is so much to learn and I have not learnt it all. I love what I do,” revealed Nur Amirah.

Nur Amirah is working to improve her skills and knowledge. She is currently taking the CCAM Part 66 licence and hopes to complete it by the end of the year. Her dream is to be called an aircraft engineer one day.