Fleet Technical Management (FTM)

Our FTM covers the full range of engineering support activities from maintenance planning, maintenance control, to quality and reliability programmes. These services ensure that all aspects of safety and airworthiness are complied with.

With our Aircraft Maintenance software, the maintenance checks can be carried out seamlessly with minimal interruption to scheduled flights.

The FTM services include:
Engineering/Technical related services
AD/SB evaluation
Aircraft/engine performance monitoring and maintenance
Aircraft/components reliability programme
Support defect trouble shooting

Documentation/Quality related services
CMR/C of A review/renew
Approvals/authorisation monitoring
Maintain concessions record
Maintain technical records
DFDR annual readout

Defects Rectification and prevention services
Troubleshooting/defect analysis support
Monitor recurrent defects
Evaluate/control deferred maintenance items

Develop and maintain an approved Aircraft Maintenance Schedule (AMS)
Develop task cards as per AMS
Develop short, medium, and long-term aircraft maintenance plans
Scheduling of maintenance activities
Issue work package for routine checks
Scheduling of aircraft and on-wing component modifications