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Airframe Hangar Maintenance

Our Base Maintenance facilities in Kuala Lumpur International Airport can accomodate 4 narrow-bodied or 2 wide-bodied aircraft at any one time .

Our current capability cover the following aircraft:-

  • Airbus A320 Series
  • Airbus A330 Series
  • ATR 72 Series
  • Boeing 737 series


Our capabilities include :

  • All scheduled checks
  • Structural repair
  • Service bulletin incorporation & ageing aircraft modifications
  • Lease aircraft reconfigurations & interior refurbishment
  • Avionics system installations
  • Aircraft livery painting


Line Maintenance


We understand the importance of minimal disruptions to customers flying schedules. Hence, we emphasise quick response time and high despatch reliability. Our aircraft technicians and engineers have been properly trained to handle such situations.

Unschedule operation such as :-

  • Aircraft engine change
  • Auxiliary Power Unit change
  • Landing Gear change
  • Windshield change
  • Hydraulic leak rectification
  • Structural repair


Major Repairs


Our in-house hangar repair shops are equipped with the latest repair tools and with trained and experienced technicians and engineers, we are able to carry out complex and major repairs. This in turn has helped our customers to reduce major repair cost and thus ensuring minimal aircraft down time.

Major repairs performed include but not limited to the following :-

  • LH Lower Panel FR24/35 & STRG32LH/41RH Replacement due to corrosion
  • LH Lower Panel FR66 to FR72 replacement and repair due to tail strike damage
  • LH Wing Top Skin, Skin Separation
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